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Richard G. 204 days ago
Welcomed His Help
I have been working with Lucas for the last 4 years since I opened my business four years ago this coming November. He has helped me with QuickBooks when needed, along with my Social Medias. My business has grown at a more rapid pace then I had planned, and I jumped at the change for Lucas to take over all the IT and bookkeeping for the company when he started Integral Consulting. For the past few months he has worked on the company's books along with the accountant to fix any problems to make my accountant have an easier time to do his job. In this short time my accountant has told me Lucas is a great fit, and will help keep my costs down in regards to all the accounting costs from mistakes I have made in bookkeeping for the company. I have also handed all my IT over to Lucas to make sure the company's computers are all working well. We have now started on his advice and suggestions to take over all of my social media platforms. In that short time we have noticed a positive impact. By adding Lucas it has started to free up my time so that I can concentrate on my customers. I trust Lucas, and have no worries that he is always looking out for my best interests when he makes suggestions, and gives advice. He is a true proffessional