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Tina S. 222 days ago
Scams,EVERYWHERE! If it sounds 2 good 2 b true....
My best friend is being scammed by a woman, (could b a man), who "supposedly" lives in Ghana. She says she loves him,wants 2 marry him,she's 35,my friend is 68,(of course age doesn't matter 2 her!). At first she got him 2 send $1300.For medical problems. Something seemed off he told me so he told her 2 keep it & not contact him.
Well apparently according 2 my friend she "fought" 4 him,u know the ...I love u baby,'I would do anything 4 u baby',then came the naked pictures!
She said her name is Maku & 2 be able 2 leave Ghana she must marry there, purchase a passport,& a visa,& have a ceremony...well it was VERY costly,plus of course my friend couldn't just book a plan ticket! Oh no no,he had 2 send the money so she could book it! That was the 1st time! Apparently she made an error.
So of course more money sent 2 book another ticket!!
My friend in ALL has sent 6,000!! & now Maku wants an additional $3000 in traveling money,says its Ghana law!The nerve! How dare they!!