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John P. 159 days ago
Fact not bias
I know I’ll be called biased, although it is a fact that I have administered the Faher range of products to many applications during the past 4 years. Not least to100’s of my customers vehicles during my time at the garage. The results have always been positive, to include hushed gearbox bearings, silenced tappets, improved performance. 4 years ago I carried out a test at the garage which constituted draining the engine oil from a Vauxhall Vectra and running it at 2500rpm until it siezed, this took all of 7 minutes. I then treated a Ford Fiesta with our high mileage product and then drained the oil from this and also ran it at 2500rpm. After an hour with oil light on and temp at normal, the engine continued to run unphased and the attached video is witness. I can’t say it’s an exciting watch, if you view the first and last few minutes you will understand how the test was carried out. The only real way for you to see is to try, and then judge for yourself, you will not be disappointed.