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Lori M. 24 days ago
The Best Replacement to Mom & Dad!
Cynthia is amazing! It was so comforting to know that our dogs were loved and cared for, by such a caring and loving individual! No more worrying about the boys being stressed out and in a strange environment. Nor worrying about their safety.

She exercised and played with them each and every day and snuggled with them over night! She definitely spoiled them!

Although Jakey & Porter missed us while we were gone, I think they actually missed her, when we returned!
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Thank you Lori! Well, those two pups have a great mom and dad! They are extremely personable, and were fun to be around. They treated me like a guest. While we went on walks, it was like they nicely said "this is the way we usually go." And, they were always happy to say good morning...such good manners.