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Emma B. 338 days ago
Horrible Scam - Had To Buy From Auction Essistance
Guy is a pure con, this guy wanted a photo ID of me in order to complete the transaction. I mean for an F'in VCC, this guy wants you to send in a photo ID of yourself to prove you are the payer. Are you kidding me? I paid you and you want proof that I paid you? Just send me my f'ing vcc I paid for and quit the BS. Not to mention when I told him no, he cursed me out stating that he will take a s**t on my lawn?!

He also wanted nude photos of me as well. Who does that?! This guy is not only a pervert but a scammer as well. He has yet to refund my money or send the VCC.

Had to purchase from Auction Essistance here: They are a bit more expensive, but at least they provide.