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Fernando I. 8 days ago
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Not worth it.
I just like how it looks like but:
1- is not running Android 6 in no way. The os is KitKat, that means someone manipulated the showing specs. So bad.
2- you can not upgrade the OS. Terrible.
3- most of the latest apps are non working or can't be installed. Too bad.
4- GPS needs Internet connection in order to work. As I know, satelllites are free to use, right ? Too bad.
5- The OS loading time is so long, it takes around 40 secs to start, too bad.
6- FM just a feature sitting there. No radio station can be tuned in, just one if the tower is close to you. And the interface is so poor. With such a big display, having an interface like that, is embarrassing. Looks like an old white and black tv screen.
7- If you want to spend more money beside what youve already spent, pay for a hotspot in order to have a usable GPS.
Then, if you turn the GPS on, the only one FM RADIO station that was working, now is not playing. No worries, coz wasn't working fine before. Lol