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Reign C. 28 days ago
I'm not what your looking for, why?

So I applied to become a performer last Monday and answered everything as asked, my bio and everything! I was contacted by you and got told I'm not what your looking for right now, but why? its a cam site? like you charge a fee so its more money for you I don't understand why? I found you on twitter and saw that you only have 100 and something placements left, I just want to know why I'm not right for your site, I'm an experienced camgirl and not the trashy kind I look after my body and take care of my hair, skin and teeth like it says in your handbook.

I'm 22, attractive and I'm independent! I love what I do, I'm passionate. I'd be willing to pay more money to be a part of Babes United. I've seen so many people on about it and I want to be a BU girl :)

I would just like an answer to why I'm not what your looking for is all?
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Hello Reign,

So firstly I am sorry about your disappointment, but I can assure you that our decision is not based on how you look! We have a lot of new performer applications to get through everyday and due to the limited placements we are only accepting only 2% of applications per month.

I understand your anger as we are a cam site, but we do not treat it as the average, stereotypical cam site. Because of this we choose our performers carefully and aim for a variety of looks to fill the placements wisely! I'm not sure if I dealt with your application, as there is a few of us in the admin team, but what I can tell you is that we keep all applications up to one year, and we do re-review applications if certain placements do become available!

Lastly I would also like to add, that although we are persistent in retrieving fee's from current performers to cover admin and site fee's, the money is not our motivation! We pride ourselves on popularity and supplying the adult industry with top and professional performers. We are constantly brain-storming in expanding our franchise! A lot of companies may be motivated by money, but we do NOT care for the money, we care about ensuring top quality of business to customers!

Kind regards,
Babes United
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The M. 27 days ago
Reign, I actually thinks its completely out of order to come on here and giving it the large just because they aren't interested in taking you on! I think your attitude sucks if I'm being totally honest with you, I certainly wouldn't buy from you given your appalling attitude!

You could have emailed BU directly, you've obviously been on the website to apply in the first place, so you would have seen their "contact" page, but no instead you've come on here where their CUSTOMERS can share their genuine experience with these beautiful performers, and where potential customers can decide whether tis is for them or not, they had 4 1/2 reviews out of 5 and now because of you they have now lowered to a solid 4 stars. Its not nice because AGAIN it isn't for bratty women who don't get accepted, so they get their panties in a twist and start knocking out a 2 star review! I'm sorry for talking a little drama here but that's stupid!

I think you have definitely ruined any chances now!
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Reign C. Reviewer 27 days ago
I am very sorry to Babes United. youre right I'm upset because I had my heart set on becoming a BU girl, I just feel like I should have been accepted, but I will update my review now and just try again in the future. Again I'm sorry and will put this right.

Thank you again and I hope I'm considered in the future :)
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Reign C. Reviewer 27 days ago
There its done
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