Carrera GO Plus Night Chase 1/43 Race Set 20066004 PREORDER SHIPS 4/5/18
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Rusty H. 26 days ago
Plus is a Plus!!
Carrera's new GO Plus system is just that. A huge plus at a decent price. If you are a lone racer as I am most of the time, get ready for some fun. With the Plus system you get a great feature. The ghost car function. Unlike the larger scale Digital systems where you set the Ghost car to run at one speed, the Plus system allows one to Speed the Ghost car up on the Straights and slow down in the curves.. Fun just to watch the car do this.. No need for digital chips and special track sections with the GO Plus system.Needless to say a lot less expensive too.. You can run any Carrera 1/43 car and add it to your existing track layout..We have even found that some other brands will run on the Plus also.Not all but some run well .Pretty cool to see some of my Vintage collection of Jouef cars running on this track. One hint that Brian told me about, when programing the ghost car slow up quicker and speed up a little later then you would if racing. The car tracks better and is still competitive.. With set set we purchased thru Brian,we received several R2 curves.. Cars track better and just look good running thru the broader curves.. Check out Brian's Blog. Lots of good info. The one negative that I would have with the set is the lack of good instructions. We did have one car in bad need of oil.
Rusty H
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Rusty, Thank you for sharing your experience with Carrera GO Plus and for being such a great customer!