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James B J. 31 days ago
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Some times things just happen
Love the sight, shipping time.this is longest it's ever taken when something is wrote.which we don't have good luck anyways even if I've had to wait a while it's got at least credited and brought something else..now is just wotofo serpent ssm cracked glass, I've written many times ,should have called.seny pics.dont really see point in sending it pack so u can send me another that I would have to open , understand if we have too.was hoping just had another glass maybe laying around.woild have been 5 stars really but the very first order so much messed up in order wasn't even the problem,was that for black Friday I bought mystery bags for gifts like 4 and it said some people could get tda,RTA,mod,tank never knew,wasn't expecting nit but when I talked to the guy asking about it said figured he could find a thing or 2 to throw in since that part of my order was forgotten..I didn't receive anything at all extra,just had hopes up and by then x-mas was over .. did get turned onto fryed cookies and cream juice..I really liked it ..even in that order there were at least 4 bottles which luckily we're in a back by themselves and everyone of them leaked I love the coast 2 coast shipping in 3 days and prices..u, breazy,and myvpro is about all I mess with. I believe I'm cursed with 8vape..lol.dont want to give up just yet,this last time wasn't sure what was going on,has never taken that long to respond but called today and they seen everything I sent was told 24 hours ,should hear soon .. thank you for your time in this matter