Carrera GO GT Contest 1/43 Race Set 20062368
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Michael A. 16 days ago
Real Slot Racing Fun!
I bought the Carrera GO!!! Power Grip Race Set which is, effectively, the exact same set as the GT Contest, but with two different cars. The main thing that I like about the Carrera 1/43rd scale racing is that it provides a lot of versatility to the slot car hobby. On the one hand, the track and cars are quite inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and require a relatively small amount of space. This is great for getting youngsters interested in something other than computer games and that they can use on their own with minimal adult supervision. At the same time, the cars are quite realistic, the track can be expanded to create sophisticated layouts and the availability of the Carrera D143 digital slot racing system affords a host of possibilities for advanced slot racing for the enthusiast...

But really great for the kids. :)
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Michael, The picture says it all! Carrera GO is about having fun. Thank you for posting a review.