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Dermot B. 10 days ago
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Music without the noise. A veritable ear opener!
Firstly I've never believed in cables and especially those of the power variety.
However a five globe Jon Myles review of the Styx block combo in HFW piqued my interest. I was especially impressed with the fact that this home grown product was actually manufactured with the important basics intact ie that oxygen-free copper wiring is used to connect all the sockets which is unusual at this price where busbars are usually used. This also means that the block outputs power in a consistent manner and has twice the current delivery of standard mains distribution blocks according to Titan. The lifetime warranty is another nice touch. And no surge protection is yet another bonus!

By the end of that week I had already ordered the Styx block and Tyco cable (the Styx cable was unfortunately sold out). To say I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the combo for the first time is the understatement of the year! After the usual burn-in period (after ten hours it starts to come on song) the music took on more authority with an amazing three dimensional aspect to the sound. The instrumental separation was improved as time went on allowing me to hear details I hadn't heard before. Also an almost complete absence of hash/noise gave the background an eerie silence which rendered transients really hitting the loud spot. So much so, I almost fell out of my seat once, it was so dramatic! Lowering of the noise floor certainly helps in that respect. Actually it made listening to music fun again.

Since then I've added two Styx cables to my pre and power amps, a Helios to the block from the wall and transferred the Tyco to my turntable power supply. Looking forward to finding out what the Helios will bring to the table. I've been told to expect a significant improvement due no doubt to its long grain copper, increased number of conductors and higher current delivery which should give me better dynamics than the Tyco and, basically, more of what I already have. But, then again, the Tyco is a low current cable and more suitable with sources like turntable power supplies or preamps which are not power hungry.

To finish, this journey has been an ear opener and, I will categorically state that it has been the best and most fun set of upgrades I've done in almost 40 years of listening.

Dermot Bell