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Dennis D. 111 days ago
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My experience with little dragon aircrete
My experience with the little dragon aircrete once I receive it everything came in the mail okay? I put it together and everything worked fine per instructions that was on u-tube, but I am not understanding the purpose of the aircrete itself. My understanding was the little dragon is made to expand the concrete, which per instructions it did. But when I foam a little walkway to see how much area it cover, at first it covered a large area. Then I level the cement to the form on the walkway, within 30 min it started shrinking. Then I had to re-level and form area with the cement. But a hour later it shrink, but not as much as the first time. I wondering if I done anything wrong in the process. Is there a time period before pouring the concrete out of the barrel? or is there a time period before leveling and smoothing out the concrete? Please respond asap! Thank you.