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Ash O. 120 days ago
MEWE Jewellery - worst experience ever!
The company was incredibly unprofessional on multiple accounts. My partner has purchased an engagement ring that he proposed with that I would wear for a couple of months while we designed and had another ring made. I had only worn the ring for a number of days and a diamond has fallen out. Being newly engaged, I obviously wanted to wear my ring but was too embarrassed to be sporting a faulty ring. We had contacted the company straight away and the owner was who we dealt with directly. He was the rudest man and had the worst customer service I had ever encountered especially when the fault wasn’t ours. We tried calling for days, sent emails, text messages and contacted him on Facebook and had not a single reply. After several days we finally got a phone call from the man and his phone manner and content were disgusting. Basically saying how was it his problem when anything that had gone wrong was all outside of his control and that it was a problem that Microsoft and Telstra have to fix as he was claiming to have sent text messages and emails that we absolutely did not receive. I wish it had of been any other piece of jewellery but as it was an engagement ring that my partner had proposed with, it now had sentimental value to it. Otherwise, the moment I had heard this man on the other end of the phone being that rude, I simply would have hung up on him and bought something else from another company. The worst thing was the same ring was then almost doubled in price from $39.95 to $64.95 but also has a sale sign added to the same item days later. I would strongly suggest not ordering from the site. I know their items can look intising as they are quite cheap, but you get what you pay for and every step of the way their service and quality was absolutely embarrassing and not worth the hassle. Buy from more reputable companies!