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Heather G. 12 days ago
Verified Purchase
Something's changed.
We use to order Anchor's Aweigh after discovering it in our local coffee shop. It was divine. It's the one coffee I can drink black. Suddenly Anchor's Aweigh was not available for a while and I emailed to inquire about it, tried calling in...everything and I got no response. I was ready to buy it in serious bulk.
Then it was back on the market after checking back regularly. Signed up for a bi weekly subscription so as not to pay for the shipping. I was contacted and thanked for purchasing and inquired on why I was charged for shipping. I figured it was a one time fee. After sending a few emails in, I've not had a response back. I checked my profile, says nothing about my subscription so I'm assuming it didn't go through right. Also, to make matters husband and I both's not the same coffee they are selling now. The flavor is nothing like it use to be. We bought it a few times at our coffee shop and thought it tasted funny prior to us buying some online, we figured maybe it was how they were making it but after doing everything we could on our end including thoroughly cleaning our coffee maker, etc, still is horrible unless we add a ton of half and half. So much so that I came back to insure I did not in fact have a bi weekly subscription because I would hate to pay the already outrageous price for something that is of such low quality now. We are currently searching for coffee somewhere else unfortunately.