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Knut M. 33 days ago
Be aware in advance
Driver Support does not make it clear that this is a monthly subscription. I cancelled my subscription expecting that to take effect as of the next renewal date. It now appears that this is not the case since having cancelled my account with Driver Support to prevent any further auto payments the indication is that cancellation of the service takes immediate effect - it should still be valid for another 25 days.
Response from
Knut M.,

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with your account. Once the account is cancelled, you should no longer be charged for future months. It does take effect instantly. If you would like me to verify the account has been cancelled and issue a refund, please reply back with your email address.

Driver Support
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Knut M. Reviewer 33 days ago
It now appears (from an email received) that the cancellation does not affect the current subscribed number of days remaining. My advice to Driver Support is that they make this fact perfectly clear, not just state: "Current subscription Cancelled" at the time of cancellation. Would save a lot of misunderstanding.
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