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Jonathan S. 152 days ago
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1 star.
For starters, I got the “lizard king” and it tasted awful. Literally made me nauseous from the very first puff, but I had no choice but to use it since I spent $15 or so on it, and I wasn’t about to let my money go to waste.
Next, since it was “CBD infused” I was expecting to feel “good” ? I’m a supervisor which means tons of stress on my shoulders. So I was expecting this to help me out, or at LEAST help me sleep at night with my mind racing with all this stress. But no. I was honestly hoping to love your product like I saw on all the reviews that convinced me, but sadly I went a totally different route. Maybe I chose a wrong flavor? Or maybe this site just didn’t deliver what it promised. Idk. Maybe it’s just me.

Thanks for nothing.