Personal Air-Conditioner
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Lisa S. 101 days ago
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This company is RUDE!
I don't know if it works as it is advertized to or not. See, the MS store I bought it from as a gift for someone else has been peppering my email every since I ordered it, wanting me to leave a review. How can I? I didn't order it for myself, I ordered it as a gift for someone else. I CAN tell you one thing.....the package got here when I expected it to.
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We're SO sorry Lisa! The Trusted Reviews that we subscribe to send automatic emails. We chose this review app because it actually IS trusted. We can't go in an alter anything, delete bad reviews, or even put in fake reviews - they can only come from our customers. So despite the fact that it sends multiple emails to customers, we figured it's the best and most reliable review app out there - we want to give our customers a REAL look at what our earlier customers think. Thanks for leaving a very REAL review, and all the best to you!