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Jason K. 42 days ago
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Learn how to write grammatically correct please.
I gave you two stars because I paid for a package for all the letters to be typed up . Not only were there grammar errors but there were punctuation errors as well. For me to pay what I did and to have you spell organize as organise especially when they are going to corporate businesses is not okay . Get your act together and have professionals who know how to spell and write to do the letters. Now I have to go back through each one and correct the mistakes which I should not have to do.
Response from easynamechange.com
Hi Jason, sorry your experience with the grammar in our kit wasn't ideal. Unfortunately with the way our personalized letters are created we take in company tags and information then insert into the designated fields in our letters. While in most letters this flows well, there are some letters where the flow and grammar can be a little off. Fortunately the request is still easily understood and communicated to the companies and name changes have never been denied because of this. We're sorry to have only received one star instead of your intended two. I suppose mistakes are easily made!