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Lorie 136 days ago
Do not buy from them. It's a scam
I want to preface this review by saying the only reason I am writing it is so I can at least save one person from wasting their money and time. I have no other way as of right now to stop this company from scamming and stealing from people. If I could rate a zero I would. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE AND DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE. THEY SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN.
I am not one to EVER report a company or talk bad about a company or write any review good or bad about a company but this company should NOT be in service.
I waited over 3 weeks to get my 2 pieces of clothing I ordered. Once they arrived one shirt wasn't even what I ordered and the other wasn't even close to what the picture looked like at all. AND the quality was horrific! I was shocked to say the least. I emailed them asking for my money back and haven't heard a word from them.
They are based out of China so 1) it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get your clothes which they DO NOT tell you when checking out.
2) You will most likely NOT get the correct clothes and if you do it will NOT look like the clothes you saw in the picture
3) They will not respond to your request of either getting the correct shirt or getting your money back.
Please trust me when I tell you DO NOT ORDER from this company. The quality is horrible, it takes forever, they won't return or give you your money back and you most likely will not get what you ordered. It's not worth the price!
I hope if you are reading this you will seriously reconsider ordering from them.