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Anonymous 134 days ago
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Terrible customer service, slow and rude
I never received an order confirmation by email although the order was shown paid by my bank. After three + weeks I emailed their customer service three times to check the status. I also called their customer support number and never got a call back. When I filed a dispute with PayPal since I wasn't getting anywhere with ahuva, they finally responded. They were making a custom sewn item for me and told me the cloth had been received. I told them that since I hadn't heard from them I had already ordered from another company as my order was needed by a specific date for a special event. They went ahead and made the order anyway, ignoring my request and sending nasty emails, telling me they would win the PayPal dispute and that I was making it difficult for them (sorry, just trying to get some good service, my fault). I ordered the same type of item from another vendor and got clear order confirmation and shipping information and received the order in about 10 days, not the more than five weeks it took ahuva. Yes, I did finally get the items but after a lot of effort and unpleasant emails from their company. Stay away from them unless you want a lot of hassle.
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Ja C. 126 days ago
Me too. Stay away! Go elsewhere.
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