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Rob S. 42 days ago
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HP Pavillion replacement battery
My HP Pavillion laptop has only lasted around half an hour on it's battery since I bought it. Operating time lately had become shorter, so I finally decided to replace it. Looking at the Battdepot website I saw there was an upgrade which was double the capacity of the old battery, for a lot less than double the price of a straight replacement. I ordered one and it arrived quickly. I installed it and followed the instructions to charge and discharge it a few times to allow the laptop to 'talk to' the battery controller. Now I have well over an hour operating time, with the added feature that the taller new battery pack tilts the keyboard slightly giving easier operation and less restriction for cooling air. I consider it a good buy and I hope the battery will outlast the laptop.
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We specialize in selling aftermarket batteries and adapters for laptop / notebook computers, mobile / cellular phones and digital cameras. Our products are made with quality in mind. They are usually made with higher capacity cells to provide a longer usage time. All our products are sent through a stringent testing process from our manufacturing plants in Asia.
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