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Anya B. 141 days ago
I have recently had a one of my designs brutally stolen and copied by a cheap Chinese online store with bad reputation but big following... which you all must have seen in notorious facebook ads >>>> Oshoplive.com


Here a link to MY handmade crafted dress with MY photos from MY photoshoot, still on their site being called “sexy backless bodycon” and sold for $23 #

I am right now going through legal procedures in order to have this sorted accordingly.


Few other topics of Plagiarism have been coming up recently for me.

And it really breaks my heart to see shady back street Joe with his dirty little fingers getting recognition for something I have birthed from the depth of my own inner creativity and self expression. It straight up leaves me feeling abused and violated...

I really feel like this sort of theft is a direct reflection of the kind of rape which is happening to our mother earth parallel to everything we are experiencing today.

This needs to be addressed and vanquished.

It is important that the true artists and musicians are recognised and acknowledged for their art, their expression and hard work. Otherwise artists won't be able to create any more, (like we see is happening with many unique underground musicians) whilst the thieves, and kings of profane perverted mainstream culture are thriving.

We cannot be oblivious to where we buy from, what we eat, where the materials are sourced from. Behind every action- you are supporting a cause. Either a beautiful vision, or a dark cancerous world of greed. 🤮

As artists, we tend to be the more timid, introverted types who would rather avoid conflict... But I would like to encourage you, if you have faced a similar kind of thing before, you have to speak up! We have to fight for our art, our recognition and our truth...

Would we rather see more beautiful crafted art by unique creative individuals blossom into a divine vision of our world... Or would we rather give our money and our attention to a nasty, slimy, backstreet Joe and more of his dirty phishy fingers.... The choice is ours...

#plagiarism #theft #crime #oshoplive #fashion #consciousness #fashionista #consumerism
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Pammie 24 days ago
Sorry to see youve been scammed, as I have. Please join the thousands of us and share your pics/order details:
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