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Susan M. 15 days ago
Untwisted = Pain free hands
Untwisted is amazing! As a massage therapist, I can not say enough for this lotion. I love it! A small amount applied directly to the problem area brings quick and long lasting relief. I do no apply this as a body lotion, it's for spot work - quarter sized amount covers the neck and shoulders like a charm. I use my regular massage lotion prior to using this, precautionary only, as with anything that has essential oils and/or herbs. I always ask my clients about allergies and such, but it's not worth the risk ;-) So I apply Untwisted and then do my deeper work as needed. I will add more regular lotion for glide - this is my massage application.
I personally use this for my hands. When I got my first bottle of Untwisted, I would use a dime size amount on my hands after doing my clients hands and/or feet to help with the ache in my joints. Just a bit in the palm of my hands and I rub it in and go back to my job. No problems the rest of the day.
Honesty moment: I was asked a few years ago to try this lotion and was turned off by the possible high price per client ratio and bought soaps instead (which I still love and use regularly. Working my way through the whole line and I <3 Earth Mama Rose & Throwback Lilac are currently tied for my favs!) . After r/l hand surgery I purchased a bottle and fell in love with the relief (and the smell!). Anyways, I have been using the same bottle for about 3 months, it's the big one. I use is sparingly because it works so well that I can.
I no longer find myself having to treat me hands separately nowadays. My clients report great results with the next day pains associated with some deep tissue work. I really enjoy this product and highly recommend it for those with body aches and pains.