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Joe M. 161 days ago
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Great system!
Really happy with the game system. Lots of childhood favorites.

However my gaming skills are rusty!

Really enjoyed the system.
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Rich S. 160 days ago
When did you place your order? I noticed that there was only a billing information when I paid and no shipping information which worries me (What if it is a gift you are having sent to someone elses house...) Looking at the reviews I see a lot of people saying the items are crap or they never got them but they all seem to be real old most of the new reviews seem to be decent. I do not recall seeing an expected delivery date and the order confirmation email does not display an estimated date.
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Joe M. Reviewer 160 days ago
I got mine in a week. In Canada. Price was 47 US. Total 78 on my credit card. That included exchange and shipping.
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