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Paul T. 151 days ago
Excellent online services
I have been using the services of 'Anteris' since July of 2010 and recently renewed my association with this company for another 5 years.

'Anteris' is the only online support group I have ever used. I know there are other companies offering similar services but I have never felt the need or desire to check them out as I am 100% confident in Anteris's ability to answer my needs.........whether it is problems with downloading; opening attachments, cleaning and optimizing, setting up programs, backing up files, getting advice on purchase of new hardware, checking for 'conflicts' between/among programs, dealing with 'corrupt' files, etc., etc. I have NEVER had an issue that was unsolveable. Technicians are all certified and if an issue becomes particularly problematic, then it is escalated to a higher level technician and ultimately to a member of the 'expert' group of more senior tecks who study the problem and, usually within 24 hours, the problem is addressed to my satisfaction.

There is no limit to the number of times a person can avail oneself of these services.

I have 100% confidence in these technicians and for me, TRUST is the most important quality I look for particularly when handing over control of something as personal and private as a computer.

Many of these employees I have come to know on a first name basis. (an indication of the number of times I have sought out their help!!)

There are various packages offered and the rates extremely competitive.

I live in a rural area of Canada where it is not always easy or practical to pack up my computer and travel great distances to get my computer fixed. Anteris makes it extremely easy. All I have to do is sit back and watch!!

The only two negatives are the occasional 'high pressure' sales people who insists on selling you some additional package, but a politely determined 'No, thanks' will take care of that; and 2) the mix-up in time zones wherein my phone may ring at 2 AM in lieu of 2 PM!!!

I welcome this opportunity to add my voice to the many satisfied customers.

How comforting to hear one of the technicians say, 'No problem, Sir, I will take care of this problem and put a smile back on your face!!”

Paul Tompkin