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Dyanna C. 126 days ago
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Avoid CC Brass at all cost!
I'm a positive person however the interaction that I had with CC Brass was one of the most difficult I have ever had. I placed an order which arrived late. The packaging was mislabeled so after waiting I received the wrong items. I contacted them immediately and they said I had to take photos of the items and the original box. Then after I complied I told them that I was having house guests and in order to finish the antique pieces I need the correct pieces right away. CC Brass passed the blame to the company that packaged the items, and never once owned up to the fact that I was dealing with them and that the buck must stop with them. They did not send out the correct items. While they were pointing fingers at the packagers the chest of drawers in the guest room remained incomplete. The drawers had to be left ajar! My guests left a week later and still nothing from CC Brass. I had to reach out to them again with the threat of going to the Better Business Bureau before they agreed to send out the correct items. I received a partial order. Over 7 weeks later and I'm still waiting for the last piece to arrive. Skip this company and move onto the next one, do not place an order with them. They lack customer service and professionalism.