Silverado/Sierra HD Diesel 17-18 Amp Research PowerStep™ Running Boards # 76247-01A
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James M. 130 days ago
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Great, but...
This should have been a 5 star review. I love the product and the care with which they packaged everything, but alas there were a couple of things that cost a star. 1st, the instructions were short a couple of instructions in a couple of places. Without them I had to figure it out myself which took longer to do the install. 2nd, and most important, the wiring harness for the passenger side was not long enough. I could not find a shorter path with the DEF tank in the way, so I ended up splicing in some wire in order for the harness to reach the rear motor. Since the kit was for the Diesel pickup, I would have thought they would have been taken care of. After the few problems however, my power steps are working great and it is so much easier to get in and out of my truck
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