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Jon M. 142 days ago
If they play the shell game long enough.....
It appears to be a scam. The download for the software was there almost immediately and my account information is all there including my payment made and that it was received.

HOWEVER. The product code, license information is not listed in any of the options they provided. Ordered at this about 10 hours ago, found no way to make contact with the vendor.

12 hrs from now, my complaint goes to toward federal prosecution.
36 bucks is not a lot of money but, fraud is fraud.
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Jon M. Reviewer 139 days ago
UPDATE 02/05/2018 Company responded to my email from yesterday (first day I could find a place to send a question to on their website) and they promptly provided a working and legitimate product code in their response today. It is unfortunate when a website is poorly designed that does not provide a clear means to ask a question. Automated responses and some odd language choices are creating problems for this company that should not be a reflection on their companies reputation.
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