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Barb H. 29 days ago
Late delivery left in front of garage
Valentine flowers for 2/14/18 - flowers were pretty, except 7 large buds still closed so tight, the largest and main flower of the arrangement, probably will not open - hope it does. If not, then not worth the price of the bouquet. DELIVERY was horrible. Promised for Valentine's Day by 7 p.m. Never came. Said they were slammed with orders, it would arrive 1 day late. That's not good for a holiday - too late, why bother? Still had not come by 7 pm on the 15th. Looked out the door several times after 7 pm, no flowers - and expected someone to ring the doorbell anyway to deliver flowers, not just dump at the door, but checked just the same. 3 adults were home, plus 2 dogs that would have barked had a vehicle or person come close to the house or front door. They hear everything. Dogs did not bark. Next morning, Feb. 16, sender of flowers said it was showing they were delivered at 7 pm on the 15th. Went all the way outside and looked. Flowers were in front of garage, not seen from front door. Front door is back about 15 ft. or more under a covered ENCLOSED ON 3 SIDES sidewalk from the front porch. A "Sorry we missed you" doorknob hanger was dropped at the end of the driveway! Even if windy, that could not have blown off the front door. The hanger also said "left at front door". Neither the flowers nor the door hanger were left at the front door! Have no idea when they were really delivered. Delivery probably thought they'd get yelled at for being so late if they handed them to us in person at the door, so didn't even come to the door, left them by the garage and dropped the sorry we missed you on the driveway - trying to go unseen and unnoticed. Pretty sad service. No one wants flowers 2 days after the holiday, especially something like Valentine's Day! Sender should get their money back, especially when 7 of the biggest flowers are not even going to open.