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Jackie P. 29 days ago
Beware of new company names! Scam!
I lost some weight by strictly following the diet, but I was miserably hungry, suffered acute cravings, and only lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks, and gained back 5 during the 3 weeks I went back to a moderate maintenance diet. $400 for 4 weeks of misery and a net weight loss of 7 pounds? I suppose my expectations were too high, but for the cost and the trouble and risk of injecting myself I feel that I could have achieved at least the same results by simply going on a strict low-calorie diet. Major letdown!

Meanwhile, I tried doing more research on other methods and discovered that there are other DBA names that can be traced back to rejuvi. This company avoids the accountability of bad reviews by changing their company name and flooding review boards and search engines with fake positives. It's enraging, and embarrassing, but I got sold a bunch of snake oil!