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Anonymous 502 days ago
Personal Power Reclaimed
I have an instinctual love for gems and crystals, but it wasn't until I learned about resonance as a massage/body work and energy healer that I realized their full power and potential. I have been amazed in my own practice at the significance of stones to my energy work. They are like magic, hidden in the earth, waiting to be discovered and utilized as part of our personal magic. Our very bones contain the properties of crystals, and as such it is our birthright to work with their resonance! So imagine my delight at finding Emma and her work. I now own the October Super Moon necklace and feel as if my power is fully visible for the world to see. When I am not wearing it I place it where I can see it to remind me every day of this personal power reclaimed. Now I own Emma's smoky quartz choker. There are literally no words to describe my gratitude for this piece. I am so happy that you walk the earth Emma. You are quite literally a Goddess to me!