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Adelina R. 148 days ago
I will never order from this website again! I had purchased 2 dvds on the 8th and I had not yet recieved these dvds and its the 24th of Decemeber. This was suppose to be a Christmas gift. Theres no tracking numebr to track where your order is! i emailed the server asking for the tracking number and their reply back was there's no tracking number its on its way!
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Kathryn U. 123 days ago
I ordered my movie a month ago and I still haven't received it!
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Amanda B. 142 days ago
I ordered on 12/11 and havent heard anything from them yet, not even an email reply. I will never order from them again just as you
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Tasana B. 143 days ago
I ordered on the 10th sent 2 emails and no reply...
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Ryan L. 143 days ago
I ordered on 12/11 and haven't received mine, I sent an email to them and haven't heard anything. Did you ever receive yours yet?
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