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Angela Y. 130 days ago
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Still haven’t received the package...
Honestly, I still haven’t received the product. Supposedly “was our for delivery” on the 9th. There was no notification from the company or from the USPS that the package had an issue. I had to physically go into the email and track the package; to see that it hadn’t been delivered and there was a problem with the address. Thanks for the heads up?! I had to call since the USPS website wouldn’t read my package number and sit for 45 minutes to get them to redeliver it. First class shipping.... yeah, more like Class-A-Bullshit! Hopefully I’ll get the product eventually, but would suggest you all going thru fed ex. You’re going to lose a lot of customers this way. I am very displeased with the fact that Anese did not reach out, or send an email that I needed to do something on my side... who knows when/if I will ever receive the package...