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Richard G. 144 days ago
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Use the numbers, the numbers.
It was a 3 day event, I went for two days(Sat & Sun). Sat was good and the autographs(auto) went well. However Sun; left a lot to be desired. Free autographs were offered with every paid admission. But additional autographs could be purchased for the free signers. I did purchase an additional auto tickets, in advance and the auto ticket was numbered. The previous day the number system was used for the higher end auto, but was not used on Sun for the lower end auto.

It seemed simple enough even if one had a free auto to obtain and if one had a numbered auto ticket, they should be expected to be called before the free autos. After all an additional fee was paid. Also someone had the (sarcastic tone) bright idea of combining the lines for the TWO LINES free autos. That made the lines much worse.

Also earlier in the day (approx 11:00am) I not only asked one JPR employee I asked two, and each one stated that "yeah they'll do the numbers first". And after I clearly made mention that it was for the free signers. One of the employee even as far as saying " why would anyone buy a ticket for a free autograph is beyond me, but yeah they'll call the numbers first". (I could've been upset by this comment, but there were other things i was more concerned with; obtaining the autos)

At the very end, I stood on line for over an hour and the signer walked down the line and signed the items. Not fun, not pleasant, not expected and not a fond memory. Had I bought other items to get signed by the signer they may have gotten ruined.

Call the numbers'll lessen the line, and it'll keep the people that paid the extra money happy and out of your hair. And not just because of the money, but because they really wanted to get their additional items their treasure signed. This will make it a neat and pleasant environment and a more memorable event.