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Ri M. 131 days ago
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Is it a con
Dreadful experience. Kept insisting that my credit card did not work and that it was a problem with my provider when in realty they never even requested a payment. Said I could have the tv the next day if I paid online from my bank. In the end they cancelled the order because I said I wanted the protection of the credit card.
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Philip W. 130 days ago
I have had the same experience but fell for the payment on line request only to be told days later that they had not recieved any such payment. After confirming with my bank they had made the payment it took another half a day for them to accept they had got my money.They gave me a delivery date of 4 days later...however no TV turned up and now no one is answering the phones....mo TV,no money
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Steven H. 127 days ago
Hi - did you receive a refund in the end?
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