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The M. 26 days ago
Stunning girls - the site needs a webcam platform!
I had a cam session with Violet yesterday. I usually go with Candy but she wasn't available when I was ready for some fun ;)

I have had a cam session with ariel a few times and love her full figure! I'm a man of many likes in a lady ;)

I give a 4 star only because I wish BU had a cam platform. I understand the managers are in the process of working out a plan for the site so that the girls can cam directly on there. I've had extensive discussions with the admins and they are truly wonderful and very polite and always willing to answer any queries you may have. The service is very fast. The company is very professional and not as cut and dry as most adult platforms. They have clearly picked their performers very carefullyas eachone is absolutely gorgeous! I recommended a friend of mine (she is female & 29) to join BU, but unfortunately she wasn't what they were looking for at the time, so it shows there is a standard rather than most cam session sites who take anyone!

This investment was a brilliant decision and has become vastly popular!

The one thing I love is that you can buy directly from the site with your credit or debit card as well as new tech methods of payments. I haven't yet done it as when I asked a few of the girls they said the pricing is yet to be set to the individual models, so bitcoin, wu and circle are ok for now ;)

Overall they are very bespoke. They have strict rules which filters out the illegal stuff! Their terms of use are worth a read gents!

Thanks for a warm and welcoming service!

Joe x x