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Bob J. 140 days ago
5 stars and 2 stars for transaction through emails
5 stars-Was cool that i got to buy an amazon gift card with synx coins, however,2 stars - the time was 3-4 hours, from start to finished, going back and forth through emails. Recommend you place deposit wallets directly on the website, and do the transactions from your website, so i can buy other items as well instead of losing intrest, trying to determine if this is a scam.
Response from
Thank you for the feedback. We are so sorry you had a bad experience with us.
In response, We inform our customers paying with SYNX that payment with SYNX has to processed by a sales representative. This information is available on the SYNX payment button on our site and also included in the order confirmation email you received.
Syndicate SYNX has no payment gateway provider and as such, all payments with SYNX has to be processed manually. What this means. After your order is placed, a sales representative has to manually generate a deposit address, check current exchange rates and calculate the amount needed for your order, send an email with the deposit address and amount needed to process your order, constantly check wallet if funds have been received, wait for all confirmations when and if funds have been received before they can process your order. All of this takes time. However, when paying via CoinPayment, the address along with amount required for payment is available to you immediately after choosing your desired coin. Also, we are notified once funds have been received and your order can be processed almost immediately. For quicker transactions, we recommend paying via CoinPayment.
If you need further assistance, please contact our support team via email at and we will be glad to help.

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