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Denise G. 45 days ago
on 5/7/18 I placed an order through a 3rd party vendor for my supervisor's birthday on behalf of the team. There were several issues which resulted in a full refund from the vendor.
Today 5/9/18 I received a call from a woman at Flowers Du Jour asking to speak with the person the flower arrangement was sent to. There is no reason for anyone to call me looking for my supervisor except for the flowers I ordered. I explained that I had placed the order and asked how I could help her. This woman who did not identify herself or the name of the shop informed me that she was sending a driver to pick up the flowers and balloon. I repeated what she said and then advised her that I would not be returning anything. She then stated that when customer doesn't like their flowers and doesn't pay for them, the flowers belong to the shop. I responded by saying I paid the vendor. She stated that they were not going to pay the shop and that the driver would be at my place of employment in 45 minutes to retrieve the arrangement and balloon. Again, I told her that I would not be taking my supervisors gift back and that she needed to figure things out with the vendor. At that point I ended the call.
If I could give negative stars, I would. First the order was 3 hours late even though I paid for expedited shipping. Secondly it was NOTHING like the picture, it was sparse, thrown together and down right ugly. It was not worth even half of what we paid for it and definitely not worth the time I spent trying to resolve the issues I had.
For this shop to have called me was so unprofessional and out of line, I was completely shocked. What if she had actually reached the person those flowers were sent to? How do you even conduct your business that way? If you can not provide the services offered or send arrangements that match the pictures, but charge for them, that is called fraud. This place is ridiculous to say the very least. Please save your money, time and sanity by making your purchase elsewhere. Pictured is what was sent, which was supposed to be an arrangement valued at $59.99.
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Denise G. Reviewer 45 days ago
Correction: pictured on the left is what we ordered. Pictured on the right is what she received.
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