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Przemyslaw W. 11 days ago
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The weight of cooking off my shoulders :)
I'm about to start the second week of feasting with loveyourself. My experience was nothing short of pure amazement. Where do I start. Maybe with the fact that I got at least 10h of my life back last week to do whatever I please instead of meal prep'ing, or maybe with the fact that my taste buds worked on overdrive cherishing every bite of each and every meal. There hasn't been a single meal I disliked nor there have been a meal that repeated itself over the course of the week. I have learnt that you can stay within the food macros of the fitness diet without feeling I am missing out on stuff. The fact loveyourself works with myfitnesspal makes using it a joy. Gone are the days I had to put all the data manually, all it takes now is a simple scan of a barcode. The food looks great as well. My nosey colleagues at work were lurking from behind my shoulder every time I put the loveyourself box on the table...and because I'm a generous man I would let them do it, but never try....because the food is too good to share it with the unworthy :) We are talking colours and flavours galore...a far cry from my usual brown rice, chicken and broccoli. The food was delivered around 8pm each evening to enchant my next day with a joy of lean protein and badass salads with combos I never knew that would work. But they the finger licking style. If you're like me - a full time job guy, working out often and wishing to stay clean with your diet without spending countless hours in the kitchen then call off the search...loveyourself will amaze you with their offering. I am looking forward to the muscle building option which is currently unavailable but the balanced option at 2500 calories a day allows me to go through the day with over 150grams of protein and great ratio of good carbs to give me energy for swimming and the gym. There were many highlights last week both among the main dishes as well as the snacks but the jaw dropping, mouth watering slab of fish on Friday took a crown of the meal of the week for maybe that salad with pear...good Lord, what a little gem that was. I would highly recommend loveyourself to any food lovers out there. Healthy food doesn't have to be boring or bland. Thumbs up from the protein lover from Greenford.