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Craig L. 18 days ago
Frustrating and confused
I bought Masonicoin and only have the market graphs to go by which are completely confusing. Keep in mind most of us aren’t financial people. I can’t use the mobile app because you only have android. To this day I have NO idea what my coins are worth. There needs to be somewhere we can go, enter our coins owned and have it tell what they are worth immediately. For now I’m holding off buying more.
Response from
Thank you so much for your feedback. We understand your frustration. The web view on the exchanges default to an account value in BTS and then may be changed to almost any preferred fiat currency. Without knowing which exchange you are using, either Bitshares, RuDEX, WINEX, OpenLedger or another, most allow this change within settings. You must change account value from BTS to USD and then on the dashboard tab you can see what the real time USD value is of Masonicoin. Currently the Bitshares exchange shows a market value of 1 Masonicoin being worth $0.1998 (20 cents). We also periodically update the USD value of Masonicoin on our home page at We would be happy to do a quick walkthrough with you on the phone and will reach out to you directly in the next few days. We're always looking for ways to improve and appreciate your feedback.