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ROBERT P. 20 days ago
Total scam!
This site is an utter scam. I was approached by Tripkan with the promise of a potential client who had allegedly agreed to my pricing structure and availability. I paid and joined the site. I did receive a referral who strung me along for a couple of weeks then became unresponsive. It felt like a complete set-up. The potential client didn't ask any of the usual questions. I have had further incoming enquiries that are total nonsense. My property is a 10 bedroom ski chalet and I have been asked- Is there air conditioning in the apartment?; can we smoke in the apartment?; Can I pay cash?; Does the apartment have a balcony? etc. etc. false enquiries to increase traffic. Complete nonsense - cost me hundreds of Euros ti sign up. You have been warned - don't do it!!!!
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Jamie J. 10 days ago
We have been approached too and not sure if it is legitimate...
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ROBERT P. Reviewer 10 days ago
It's not. I wasted £500 signing up. They worked really hard on drawing me in (I was hounded) and then got nothing in return. All the promises evaporated and the follow on enquiries were utter rubbish. HomeAway is by far the best site.
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