AFX Mega-G+ Chevy SS Stocker HO Slot Car 21027
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Russ A. 11 days ago
# 46 Colonial Auto Parts Chevy is Patriotic!
The speedy # 46 Colonial Auto Parts Mega-G+ Chevy Stocker is another great paint scheme from AFX. The patriotic red, white, and blue scheme sticks out on the track, and is sure to be a favorite!

I added the Viper (VSR) Razor Front End, and the Rear End Assembly, and it not only handles better, but the top end has increased also.

Don’t forget to look for the # 74 Core Ford Fusion located on the Mega-G+ page of the BRS website. The Ford Is a classic rival to race against this Chevy.
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Russ, It looks to be a great combination of the AFX Mega-G+ with the VSR parts. Thank you so much for posting the review and the pictures.