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Mikey W. 10 days ago
Do not buy from it's a scam
so I have been grown for a while now, and I know how to germinate seeds. 1st you scarify them then put them in a shot glass for 24 hours, when they pop you can stick them in the soil. So this is how all of it started.
I went on YouTube looking to try and find some new techniques that maybe I never heard of befor. I came across Codys Obles Channel. In his vidios he claims to not own nukeheads but only sponsored them. He explaining how great the flower power package was and explained a bunch of things on topping, par, and a bunch of other things, some of it actually was useful and I use now.
I decided that I wanted to purchase the flower power package because in his videos he made this product sone like it was such a good product.
I got the package in the mail and it had what looked like something that came out of a printer on the package. My first thought was that he had taken some other product and put it in this package and threw his label on it at least that's what it looked like. But to my stupidity I brushed it off thinking this is probably a new company and they hadn't gotten to the packaging. I know dumb! After a while Cody started promoting nukehead seeds and and how they were good seeds yada yada yada. So at this point I decided that I would order some Granddaddy Purple seeds from this company. I ordered them they showed up within 3 days. I decided that I wasn't going to use the seeds just yet, that I would wait until spring and plant them Outdoors because Granddaddy Purple is supposed to be good for outdoor growing, also Cody claimed that nukeheads kept hadn't scarified them yet to keep the wax like coating on them so that it had a longer shelf life. I know that this is actually true so I didn't think anything of it. As time went on Cody changed his tune and said that he owned nukeheads. LOL! A red flag immediately went up I then started thinking something was wrong here! I started researching nukeheads and could only come up with these great reviews. But at further inspection I realize that Kodi was the one making these reviews underneath his name as if he was a customer and not the owner and giving himself such great reviews. I decided, you know what I'm going to germinate my seeds and see if they will pop cuz my suspicion was really high. well two seeds didn't even pop and when the one that did popped, I put it in soil and it quickly died. So I wrote the customer service to ask them about getting some new seed sent to me. This lady named Sarah M I think it was message me back telling me that she gave me a code so that I can get new seeds. But she wanted me to check out the return policy situation first. Imagine my surprise when I read that I had to buy double the money in order to get my refund!! that's when I noticed again ( when I went on to look at reviews to see if anyone else had any germination problems) that this Sarah woman was writing reviews as well, giving nukeheads an extremely good review. Then I started having suspicions that all these good reviews were either Cody's friends or Cody creating false accounts and giving himself great reviews. Although I cannot prove that, I can prove Cody and this Sarah girl who works for him in his company giving nukeheads great reviews as if Cody didn't own it and she didn't work there! This Sarah woman also wrote me back after I wrote an extensive letter explaining that I wasn't trying to scam them that all I wanted was my same seeds as I bought before. she message me back and explained to me that only three complaints were made regarding the seeds and that their data says that they should have popped! And I'm thinking what the hell kind of data! She continue to explain to me that she could not send me the same seeds for me my refund and that I had to still pay the double in order to get the refund!
I feel as if this company is definitely not what it seems I feel like it's a scam. I know of other people that bought seeds from this company and didn't even get the strain that they ordered, (the germinated them and once they pop them they realize that it wasn't even the strain they paid for) I will never ever ever ever ever buy from this company again and I would greatly encourage you guys not to either! trust me it's a scam!
By the way the flower power package is just like Jack's Classic and Jack's bloom. Also is exactly like fruity loan wich again raises the concern that all they did was take other brands poured its contents into theirs.
I suggest that fruity Loom or even Jack's gets ahold of some of this flower power package , test it and see if it's the same exact formula. And if there's anybody out there that wants to Sue this company I would because I feel as if I have been tricked by false advertisement. And faulty products. also scammed by them as well.

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