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Megan D. 136 days ago
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Got the Run Around
Are you kidding me? Not only did you tell me you don't deliver to Colorado, you ended up sending my package to Colorado anyway, where I no longer was. Then you tried to act like that was MY fault even though I clearly stated a Minnesota address on the delivery. Also, your chatline provided false information, once again stating you don't deliver to Colorado, until you realized who I was, then back tracked and said you would have said that if you "knew it was me asking." What does that mean? That different people get different answers? It was all shady in my eyes! Then when you finally admitted that it was YOUR error for sending it to the wrong address, you refused to refund me but offered to send me another package. By then I had gone with a competitor so you basically told me to dump them for you. I declined and you explained that I would still owe you money, as well as be charged again for the replacement package you were sending. Ridiculous.