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Lizzy O. 166 days ago
The Cari-Cami is absolutely perfect!!!
I wear a size 16-18 Womens so I got the 2X. It's the best fitting cami I have ever worn! I love the freedom it gives me, now I don't need to have pockets in my pants! I carry a chap-stick with me (I'm a chap-stick addict) and I work in daycare with babies. Two weeks ago my chap-stick fell out of my pocket and my co-worker noticed (thankfully before a toddler found it!) so I couldn't wear that pair of pants with too-shallow pockets to work again. Now with the Cari Cami's deep pockets my chap-stick stays with me (and I won't get fired for dropping a choking hazard on the floor!) I don't always carry my phone, but when I do it fits perfectly in the Cari Cami. Also it's much better that the other pocket-not-in-pants option, the Eazymate fashion running belt. I got that so I could carry things without having to wear pocketed clothes, but it creeps up above my hips and waist to just under my bust (where I am skinniest) so while I have to fish things out of the pocket from under my shirt all the way up to there, well, it looks awkward and shows more of me that I'd like (don't want to do that in public!) Back to the Cari Cami, it stays totally in place, and it doesn't look bad when I lift the hem of my top a couple of inches (I always wear tops that hang to my hips) and reach into the nicely-deep and easily accessed pockets. I can't rave enough about the Cari Cami! And, I can be hard to fit with a cami (due to my large, low bustline, most tops that are large enough to fit me gape at the armpits or the front goes too low) I am so delighted on how perfectly this cami fits, it covers nearly all of my bra, doesn't overexpose me, and looks super-sleek under all my tops. I am so glad that this product exists... Thank you so much! :)
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Lizzy! We are incredibly happy that you're happy!!! Thanks for the great review and for your sweet care of our country's little ones. All the best to you!