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Heli E. 132 days ago
They BANG YOU GOOD, that's for sure!
"Cherry" pestered me to do this review, careful what ya wish for, Chop-Chop!
She tried to be helpful but the "chat" people there have no clue about the products, including the part numbers. Might as well roll over, suck a doughnut and go back to sleep! Due to the COMMUNICATION BARRIER, details on most products are askew. For instance, there are too many magnified photos of microscopic toys in your face, while the link to either manuals, "firmware updates" (cough!) or necessary accessories are posted in LIGHT GRAY and you won't know it even existed until a month later when the item arrives and.... "Oops... now I don't have the correct battery (or the cable to charge the damn thing) and I gotta sit here with my thumb up my ass for another month... now it's October again and I missed the whole season because they don't include the necessary cable with it".... etc. etc. etc.

I tried for TWO DAYS to get "Cherry" to find out what firmware the FlySky FS-i6 transmitter would be loaded with, she had no idea what firmware is... could be hard nipples, far as she's concerned!

Some detailed info was found on Youtube but like assholes... everyone has an opinion and there are now umpteen ways to load firmware, several dozen ways to find the right cable for doing it, at least 4 ways to blow up the radio while doing it, 2 or 3 types of soldering irons to use and 3 different brands of solder to use while repairing it, 4 different firmware versions not from FlySky you can try, 6 ways of recovering from a failed firmware update..... and a partridge in a pear tree !!!!!


Hobbies cost TIME and MONEY but when you add in the "Tower of Babble" language barrier, you might as well go to a strip joint, get a few lap dances and skip this BS. "Cut out the middle man", if you will. You might not like my opinion, but you know damn well I'm right. Whose to say "Cherry" isn't a GUY? You thought they would be more honest than bimbos on a dating site using their old high school photos? You're more gullible than my DOG!

Oh and DRONES are as annoying as LEAF BLOWERS, nobody wants to hear it and YOU ARE NOT COOL.... you just have a small penis with man-breasts and can't do any better. Hey, you wanted a fattening hobby, what did ya expect.... SUPERMODELS RAPING YOU cause you fly a DRONE?

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