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Jason S. 142 days ago
Thanks for customer support
I order some juice from ejuice on Nov 28th they had a coupon for 20% off that said it was expired when I put it in. but on the coupon it said it was good till the 30th i used the 2 day shipping that costed me almost 9$ which brought my price to the same price that I would have paid if I would have went to my local vape store so it's not really wholesaling if i am paying the same price
They had it shipped out by the next morning. But here it is Dec 2 and I still have not received my juice. I called USPS and was on the phone for over a hour to find out that they do not refund or take care of any problems due to shipping that ejuice is the ones that paid them for the service not me. That to get a hold of ejuice about this problem, I have been emailing and sending messages about both of my problems and not even one person has messaged me back. If customer service is your all's primarily concern then why haven't I've heard from anyone about my problems. No sorry ,no we will make it right nothing. I just want to thank ejuice for all there hard work at customer satisfaction. I don't thank I can name any other place that shows there customers that they want there services more then ejuice.
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Jake P. 52 days ago
2 day shipping means that they ship it out the next day and then it takes two days (most of the time it's a little more) to get to your doorstep. It's been 5 days bro chill out if the package is delayed it's USPS's fault
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