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Mike S. 142 days ago
If I could give a ZERO star review for this company I would. Negative stars would be more accurate. I ordered a IJOY pd1865 kit from them and on the website it claims that the batteries ARE included. I was going to order it from Eightvape.com, whom is an EXCELLENT company to order from and I HIGHLY suggest you u leave this god awful site and purchase form them instead, but they didn’t include the batteries so I went ahead and placed my order. Well 6 days later ($8+ for 2-day shipping that they claim, ya right) I received my package. I could tell instantly by the weight of the package that there was a problem. And sure enough, no batteries. I IMMEDIATELY emailed their customer service and was basically told that I’m a liar. I checked the box the kit came in and saw that the box where it says “batteries included” was not checked off. So there were no batteries included in the kit from the get go. And u know what ejuice connect says? “We get our info from the manufacturer”. Well Joy, that’s the name of the woman with whom
You will unfortunately have to deal with, the manufacturer clearly didn’t check that little box so the batteries were NEVER there to begin with. So now I’m stuck with a kit and no batteries that I paid for and they will do nothing to right THEIR wrong. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH NOT TO ORDER FROM EJUICE CONNECT. They are RUDE, misleading, their customer service is a joke. Basically I got scammed by them. And the last thing I want is for ANYBODY else to have to go through what I’ve been through the past 2 weeks. Do yourself a favor and order ur merchandise elsewhere. As you can see, I provided them with PROOF of THEIR error, and these are the responses I get.