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Bob L. 305 days ago
Seems Good So Far
When my old mat began to crack under each chair wheel, I decided to go with a premium mat to accommodate my 250 lbs plus chair. I finally took the expensive plunge with a premium mat from American Floor Mats. I think it's great that they will send you a sample of the material at no charge so you can see what you will be getting.

The thick mat came rolled and was a bit of a challenge to get unrolled even when warm. Once on the floor, it flattened out mostly overnight and completely in a couple of days.

It's on a Berber carpet with pad. So far, my chair leaves depressions in the mat when I sit on it, but they come back up soon after I get up. Time will tell how long the mat will rebound. In the meantime, I spin the chair legs just before sitting down so the casters don't hit the same place all the time. I'll consider adding a fifth star if I can in a few more months of use.

Overall, I count buying this mat money well spent after using cheaper mats in the past.