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Kelsey F. 22 days ago
God Send!
I've been using bootsy chuchu a little over 5 months and the impact to my life has been huge. Having endometriosis means that I've struggled with hormonal imbalances and painful cycles since I was 12 years old. While I have treated this both surgically and through diet with great success, I still struggled with drastic mood swings and PMS. For me, bootsy chuchu has been a god send. I still have a natural ebb and flow with my cycles but feel so much more balanced throughout the month. I am noticeably happier and some months I almost forget my period is coming because I have little to no pms symptoms. I have had a couple months of spotting or delayed periods since I started taking it but from what I've researched this can be normal as your body adjusts. My past two periods have been right on time so I'm curious to see how everything will go from now on!